2022 Career Goals

I feel it’s as good a time as any to go over my current goals and aspirations for 2022.

Management track

I’ve spent quite some time contemplating if management is right for me. I enjoy being a wise mentor and confidante to those around me. Discovering ways to grow productivity AND happiness, eliminating pain points for the team and solving for the long-term health of the project and organization. It seems like a path with infinite growth and fulfillment.

I will use this year as a final prep before actively pursuing the role of Engineering Manager. Prepare yourself for a lot more leadership and sociology focused content from me as I take time to synthesize the ever growing realm of knowledge on these topics.

Open source involvement

The open source community has given me so much during my career as a web developer, I want to give back. In the past I was scared to contribute, fearing I would mess up what people much smarter than me have built. However with my current level of experience with code languages and development processes, I no longer feel that way. There are plenty of mechanisms in place to ensure code is standardized and meets the needs of the project.

I will focus on JavaScript based community projects (exact ones TBD) and MDN docs.

More content more often

I have not been as active as I could have these past two years. For 2022, I will commit myself to a weekly publishing schedule. I can’t promise super in-depth pieces every time, but I promise no shallow one paragraph “articles”. I have always hated landing on a site and seeing that.

In conclusion

Those are my the career goals for 2022. Wish me luck!

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