Jekyll migration complete!

I have finished converting this site from Drupal 8 to Jekyll. Drupal is a very robust CMS with infinite customization and fine grained control over user permissions. It is an excellent tool I use extensively at my current job. Earlier this year I took some time to evaluate the tools I use against the core needs of my site. Drupal is more than I need.

There is a shortlist of requirements for this site:

  • Display media and text.
  • Create new content without hand coding HTML
  • Categorize blog posts and aggregate them as needed
  • Allow commenting system
  • Lightweight and performent

That’s it. Pretty simple. The first point is covered by HTML. The second and third forces a framework, but not necessarily a database. Commenting was a bit of a road block at first. I did not want something heavy and ad-full like Disqus and did not want something mining all of your data. I discovered Commento and thought, “Yes, this”. It is light weight and privacy focused.

With requirements in hand and minimal research I discovered Jekyll (thanks Github). It’s perfect. Lightweight, fast, and easy to update. The bonus is that all my content is version controlled since I use Github to house my code. Even better, I don’t need a database so security is a snap.

I am very happy with the transition and hope the speed gains of a statically generated site is a joy to you. Now I must enhance this site with artwork. My Wacom has arrived!

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