Project Management is THE Skill to Have

In my decade of work experience I have yet to hold a job that did not require or would not benefit from project management skills. The degree of competence and sophistication required may vary, but the core aspects of the skill remain. As individual contributors you employ small scale project management by managing your time and stakeholder, aka boss/actual project manager (PM), expectations while flagging any risks to meeting those expectations. The greatest employees are those who have some knowledge of project management techniques and effectively apply them.

Where to start

Most well adjusted adults start with Wikipedia. It gives a broad overview so you can have relevant keywords in subsequent google searches. After some searching you will likely find the Project Management Institute (PMI). They publish an updated book of knowledge every so many years called PMBOK. The cost of this book, physical or digital, can be a little weighty if you are not committed to learning their standard.

Is it worth it?

There is high demand for experienced PMs, note experienced. However even entry level PMs can make above a livable wage. PMI recently released a salary survey of PMs from around the world called Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey. It can give you some insight on expected salaries in your region.

Educational resources

There are a plethora of PMI instructors, institutions, etc that you can leverage. PMI also has online courses available for a somewhat reasonable price.

Whether you prefer structured learning or self study, you can test your knowledge with Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®. It is the only certification PMI offers that does not require project work. It is an entry level exam requiring a high school degree and 23 of project management education hours.

How will this blog help?

We will learn together! I will set up a category just for Project Management that you can peruse at your leisure. I am not sure if I will end up taking a certification exam, but the skill improvement is more than enough ammunition for me to self study.

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