Task Manager Update

It has been 30 days and I have a few changes to the orignal Task Manager application plans.

Let’s use a relational database

Originally I planned to learn MongoDB. It has much love from the community and would be usefull to know. However I feel I am doing too much at once. MySQL is something I know. I can look at a relational database and from it, reason about the app’s structure and build upon it. NoSQL is new territory and likely needs a 60 day challenge of its own.

Redux can wait

My plans do not need the redux structure. The state is fairly simple so why bother with it at this stage? I will definitely add it in, but that will not be my focus for MVP.

Next.js … yes

I went back and forth about using only the react library or adding the Next.js framework to it. I really don’t see any reason not to use Next.js. The extra things I must learn on top of React are not unweildly.

Next steps

I spent some time setting up the environment and resaearching the tech stack I originally chose. Now it is time to start coding the meat of the application and devising a good db structure that I can easily expand upon. Wish me luck!

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