So, who is Beatrice?


Bold, Cheerful, Empathic

I will be the first or second to go stand up in front of a crowd of strangers and present a new idea. Integrity is a core value that informs all other values for me. I am willing to say what may make others uncomfortable if it necessary to address core issues with trust or performance in a team.

My enthusiasm has a 99% up time. Get me talking about any of my hobbies and I will brighten up like the fourth of July. Discovering the hobbies and values of my team members is core to my personal team building strategy. I take care to determine the underlying reasons behind people's actions to help encourage trust among the team.



I've have always involved my self in some form of art or design, for as long as I remember. I can't imagine my life without it. But it was never about personal expression. Problem solving is core to my identity. It is my default state in any situation, casual or crisis. I also loved playing video games. Something about the immersion and interactivity called to me. Before entering college I knew I wanted to design solutions for life's problems with a little help from technology.


I majored in Digital Art, concentrating on web design. The web seemed to be a gateway for many people to improve their life. However you cannot design for a medium you know nothing about. So I minored in web development and then obtained another degree in marketing. Problem solving in the design space requires basic knowledge in both business and development to succeed. The designer must act as a facilitator between those two disciplines. This has informed all of my decisions in past and continued education.


I have spent eight years building my skills in web development. The later four while deepening my leadership abilities. You can look at my LinkedIn profile for where I worked.

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