AptlyU Blog

My thoughts on design, technology and everything in between.


2022 Career Goals

I feel it's as good a time as any to go over my current goals and aspirations for 2022.


Task Manager Update

My ambition must be reigned in.


Sixty Days on Node.js

I really need to get a public code sample out here.


Project Management is THE Skill to Have

There are few skills that translate across all disciplines like Project Management.


Jekyll migration complete!

The site has changed, have you noticed?

Motion Design

A brief look at linear interpolation

Let's lightly explore one of the first concepts in digital animation.


Design goals for 2020

You can't measure progress without goals. Here I sum up my plans for the year 2020.


What This is All About

I layout the purpose of this blog, AptlyU and how it may help you.


Usability Inspection Methods

When budgets are tight, are usability inspection methods a viable substitute for empirical user research?


Split Brain and UX Research

One does not simply ask what the user wants.

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